Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Real Estate Photography and Why it Matters

I'm a pretty good photographer so I ran out in the afternoon and took this shot. I absolutely had to have a picture of this house right away. Problems:
- there are no shadows so the house looks particularly flat
- can't have a white sky behind a white house
- the green trees look gray
- the shades are drawn so the house looks uninviting 
- note the parallax distortion caused by a wide angle lens. The wall on the left is not perpendicular. Bad.

In this second attempt, we had our blue sky. Great. Unfortunately, this shot was too much about:
- the cracks in the driveway dominate the shot
- there is a huge shadow on the garage and a smaller shadow on the front of the house
- more shadows on the green grass

Finally, a shot we could use. Note:
- the interesting sky. Not a blue sky but it gives us a little bit of contrast making the white house whiter.
- the window shades are up
- the lights are on, giving the shot a bit of life
- the trees are green
- the driveway cracks are not dominating the foreground
- the second tree on the right provides nice contrast in color with the first and with the house.

JC Martin took this shot, added the sky and color-corrected it. That's why I use a professional. Thank you J.C.

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