Military Service

101 Military Intelligence Battalion, 1st Infantry Division

December 1990 – June 1991

John was the Platoon leader for a ground-based Military Intelligency Company on the front lines of Desert Storm. His platoon was primarily concerned with the collection and jamming of enemy signals intelligence, although we were instrumental in collecting human intelligence from captured POWs.

Talking to New Canaan students after Operation Desert Storm, 1991
Desert Camp, 101 MI Battalion: 4 Man Tents, Dee Bungalow, the TOC, Humvees and white latrine

4 Person Tent and Deuce and 1/2

Attacking Through the Iraqi Desert

Main Attack, Passing By Damage from our Attacking Tanks

Humvee Maintenance With Jack, Oil Wells On Fire in Background, Cartoon of Cal

Mid Desert Camp

Sgt Cullison, Radio Repairman

Sgt Cullison and Humvee

Sgt Cullison Cleans Rifle While Sgt Edan Driscoll Looks On

Sgt Cullison Cooking

SSG Thomas Lamb and SGT Edan Driscoll, Desert Camp

SSG Thomas Lamb and SGT Edan Driscoll, Desert Camp

3-34 Armor Battalion, 8th Infantry Division, Stuttgart, Germany

August 1989 - December 1990

John Engel (bottom row, right) was a tank battalion staff officer in the role of assistant Intelligence Officer (S-2) working for CPT Bercalow (top row, right) for the 3-34 AR tank battalion stationed at Panzer Kaserne in Boblingen, Germany. The battalion was frequently deployed to the Grafenwohr and Hohenfels training areas for training excercises. This photo was taken on the occasion of our annual Panzer football game rivalry.

3-34 Armor Battalion, part of 1st INF Div (F), Panzer Kaserne, Boblingen, Germany, October 1989

Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 1988